website feedback

Subject: website

Hi Priscilla,

I looked at your website and Wow its fantastic!!!


Subject: new website

Hello Priscilla,
WOW, congratulations on a beautiful website!!  What a wonderful way to showcase and celebrate all of yours and Gordon's amazing career accomplishments!


Subject: new website



Subject: new website

Hi Priscilla -- Congratulations on a wonderful website! Great document of the fine work you both do! We would love a spring tune up whenever you're coming through... Cheers!

Subject: pictures

Hi Priscilla, It looks fantastic! Cheers!  A.

Subject: new website

Hey guys.  The new page looks great but I can't get it to respond on this phone again... the new page looks classy!
Thanks for sending the link Priscilla.
Love to you both


A FABULOUS website! Soooo professional. Do you REALLY do it yourselves? Too much talent in just two people!


Subject: new website

Wow just watched the video about the Steinway with cracked plate.   Impressive!


Subject: Your new website

Hello Priscilla, I went over your entire website and I am very impressed. As a piano player, although very little these days, I am so happy that you can rebuild these old pianos which are wonderful pieces of art. It would've been a beautiful closing to that restoration video if you had someone play a nice piano Concerto, something nice and deep like The Moonlight Sonata or perhaps even a chorus from Amazing Grace hitting the very low notes so the piano's rich Timbre reverberates.

Everything displays well,


Subject: Congratulations!

Gordon and Priscilla,
I love the website! The pictures are beautifully done and showcase your amazing work very well. It was quite a treat for me to visit you last summer on my journey across Canada and I am grateful for your hospitality. It was also a special treat to be able to see and play some of your guitars, Gordon.

Gerard O'Leary