Priscilla Judd ~ letters ~ notes ~ cards ~ appreciation


26th April 2016

Subject: Piano Tuner / Thank you!

Thank you, Priscilla, for continuing to provide excellence in your piano tuning service. For decades, I have found your service to be professional, efficient, and personal. I completely trust you with my prized grand piano, and of course my upright pianos too. I recommend your business at every opportunity, and openly encourage my colleagues and students to contact you. Congratulations on this beautiful website, and best wishes for your ongoing success!
With Kindest Regards,
Lisa Parsons

Subject: Alec's win at Provincials

From  David
Date 2015-06-16 22:22

Hi Priscilla,
Just wanted to let you know that Alec came first place in his class at the provincial festival again this year!  He was in the Junior B class, for kids 14 and under playing grade 10 and above.  Many thanks from us for giving him a wonderful instrument to play on!

Subject: piano

I have played the piano every day since you tuned it. I know it has been only a few days but the piano sounds so wonderful, I can't stay away from it. The difference after tuning has made me feel like I have a brand new instrument and it has given me an amazing enthusiasm to play it, even some of my old music that had become stale and boring has been given a second chance! Thank you once again, Priscilla.


Subject: Thanks

Just a note to say thanks for all of the work that you and Gordon did to get our piano in fine shape...  
Thanks again

Subject: Thank you

Hi Priscilla- Thanks so much for your hard work on the piano- Kendra came home and played every note- she loved it – thanks again- Julie.

Subject: piano photographs

Absolutely fantastic! The skill and attention to detail is incredible beyond words. If word were to get out, you guys would be in demand the world over! Thanks for sending the photos, they are also terrific - don't tell me they were taken with a mere smart phone!

Subject: piano tuning

Thank you, thank you, Priscilla, for your time & caring expert hand to tune up my piano. It sounds marvelous!
In sincere appreciation,
Teresa & Jim

Subject: Piano

We don't just like the piano... We LOVE it!
Thanks again!


Subject: Piano

Priscilla ...and we were talking about the piano... IT LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks again!!

Subject: tuning

Hi Priscilla, Thanks for the great job you did. Take care Chris


Hi Priscilla, I sat down and played my piano tonight! I took out an old conservatory book and played a piece I have always loved. The tone and quality of my piano is simply wonderful! Thank you so much for this fine tuning of my instrument...I'm inspired to play again now and I've talked with Karen C... (you've tuned her piano too) so we'll be getting our piano group together again this winter. Thanks again for your fine work...I feel like I have a new piano! Jan